Burj Dubai Grand Opening – World’s Tallest Building

Opening on january 4th is the burj dubai – which will be the world’s tallest building.
but how tall it is exactly is only known to a few.

‘it’s still a secret,’ william baker of skidmore, owings and merrill (som), the tower’s
structural engineer, said in an interview.

The client emaar properties PJSC will only disclose that it’s more than 2,625 feet tall, consisting of about 164 floors.

Chicago-based skidmore developed the ‘buttressed core’ structural system that resembles
a gigantic ‘Y’ to support the super-tall tower, which is nearly twice as tall as skidmore’s
442-meter (1,389 feet) willis tower in chicago. Despite, the emirate’s recent financial problems sales of the approximately. 1,100 one- to three-bedroom residences in the tower, have not been severly effected. Baker said it takes about two minutes to get to the summit on some of the fastest elevators
in the world, which travel at up to 25 miles per hour (40 kilometers per hour). The tower’s exterior is glass and steel that would cover 17 soccer fields, and will require
six to eight weeks to clean.

all images © imre solt


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