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Packaging Spotlight: Axe Hair Care Line

AxeHairSince early 2009 AXE has been releasing a new hair care line designed specifically to meet guys’ needs and give them girl-approved hair. AXE created the solution with the launch of AXE Hair – a complete line of shampoos, a conditioner and styling products that gives guys a new edge in the grooming game.

Axe BottlesThis new product line features some well designed and eye-catching packaging. To begin with the sharp angles and squared edges of the bottle give a strong and initial masculine sense. Another first thought was that the gradient is actually effective and well placed. It’s subtle enough while still adding movement and contrast to the design. I also am a big fan of the placement of the typography selection and placement. The sleek san-serif font works nicely with the AXE logo and helps reinforce a modern look. Also, the right justification and the vertical orientation of the type add more vertical movement.AXE Hair

The only element of the design that bothers me is the ”smoke symbols” that are used for the imagery. I feel they’re irrelevant and could possibly be substituted by a series of simple logos. Overall, this is a nice package design that hit the mark on its target audience. Heck, I picked some up.